Wednesday, November 12, 2008

RETRO! 9.1.2005

Hey Everyone,

Here's a bonus retro entry while I can spare the time. hehe Slowly I'm figuring out this blogger thing so I'm happy to announce that I fixed the comments box. So now if you want to leave a comment on my blog, all you need is a google/gmail account. And I think by now everyone has one. You don't have to exclusively be a registered user to blogger in order to post.

RETRO 9.1.2005
I went swimming this morning with my friend. I like swimming a lot because it doesn't feel like exercise. I'm home now and feeling kinda weird. My Dandy Warhols CD is spinning in my CD player that doubles as a clock/radio. My medicine is making me feel drunk again. Its also making my hair go thin and fall out. I feel ugly.

I wish my eyes would focus and I'd stop feeling dizzy so I can clean my rom. I don't even know what to write anymore but I want to keep writing. I want to write something clever.


soL said...

did you hair ever go back to how it was?

i'm wondering that because i took some medication a few months ago that made my hair fall out, and now, my hair is limp/thinned out. and it sucks.

fernpixel said...

yep! My hair grew back!! It actually got back to its original thickness so now I'm growing it long so I can donate my hair :)

If you hair is limp, you might want to up your protein a little? Maybe drink milk (yechh I hate milk lol) or lean meats like chicken.

Or, you might want to consider switching your shampoo/conditioner/hair stuff to silicone-free products. There's a brand called "Burt's Bees, that's available almost everywhere and reasonably affordable. :)

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