Friday, May 15, 2009

Colonoscopy Preparation

Hi Guys! I'm finally catching up on video editing! Huzzah! So here's the second part of my colonoscopy preparation. Its not a how-to video or anything... really, its just showing me drinking that horrible mixture for the procedure. I'm not a chemist or anything, but I read the ingredients for it and it looks like it was made out of baking soda and salt.... yikes... I hope my kidneys will be ok!

I heard that there are pills now, but you still have to drink about 20 cups of liquid. I'm not sure if one is better than the other.

Just for my reference... the MoviPrep kit costed me $50 with my insurance (its $65 without). Bleah... medication has gotten so expensive! Its tough not having a job. I am living off of my savings right now. I've had this mentality of counting all of my dollars and that really isn't a good way to live. However, I've been feeling healthier. Staying at home has its advantages. I am eating well and exercising. I'm not quite ready to jump into a job yet even if I'm feeling good now. I've actually had a job offered to me a few weeks ago, but I turned it down because I knew it was going to be stressful. Working too soon might make me spiral into a flare again and I'm not going to let it happen. I'll go when I am ready.


Katie said...

I have used the pills (Osmoprep) but drinking all the liquid is the worst part. The tablets are not coated so that nasty salty flavor is still there. Its really sad because after the gurgling and going was done I was actually so happy because for a few hours I didnt have any urgency symptoms (until I started eating again after the colonoscopy).

Anonymous said...

I didn't like the pills at all. My stomach couldn't handle them and I threw most of them back up (sorry TMI). If it works for you, I guess it would be better, but I think those with more sensitive digestive systems had better stay away from the pills. They're not small either. They're giant horse pills.

dietlexy said...

Hi OMG Im so glad to see some one with a blog about ibs and other incurable illnesses! I hate it and when I tink too much about it I get pissed off at all these doctors who just dont have a clue!
I had a colonoscopy and had to drink picolax! den I stupidly went to see twilight in the cinema! oh god! haha
lukin forward to reading ur posts! x

Unknown said...

Fern Girl i laughed so hard at your video!! I have had to do that prep way too many times. Last year for the first time i got to take the Osmoprep pills and even tho they taste bad they were FAR better than drinking the Go-Lytely. Thanks for brightening my day :)

Unknown said...

I have had to drink that liquid grap for my colonoscopies as well. I hated drinking it. Think fir colonoscopy prep I threw it all up. (TMI I know)The second time I had to prepare for a colonoscopy and endoscopy to be done one after the other, also not fun! I went home feeling a balloon.
I hope you'll be fine!
Stephanie (from Canada)

fernpixel said...

@Karen LOL thanks so much! As much as it was a horrible experience, I can still laugh about it. ;)

I hope your colonoscopy goes well! Take care :)

fernpixel said...

@Stephanie aw... sorry you had to go through that. I threw up the first time I had a colonoscopy. It was horrible. I was dry heaving too. bleah!

But I'm ok! That blog post is actually from last year. I had a minor flare that cleared up in a few months and I'm fine now :)

Take care <3

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