Monday, June 29, 2009

My menu... and Whoops!

Hey Everyone!

I totally forgot to post a RETRO entry last week because I went to see Transformers: Rise of the Fallen on opening night and completely forgot about blogging... that's total fail... I'll probable either post the entry tomorrow or maybe two on Wednesday. We'll see...

On other news, I was busy grocery shopping and cooking today and so far I've made some fantastic SCD foods:

-Grapefruit Punch
-SCD candied carrots
-Lime infused basil chicken
-homemade pesto sauce

I'm so tired!!!

p.s. I got a new movie camera. It looks like this:

I was playing around with it. The quality isn't spectacular, but for the [sale] price I got it for, I can't complain!


feathered fish said...

taking the first dose of kleenprep now...trying to figure out how on earth i can do this four times as i'm only halfway through the retched stuff. I can't figure out how you drank a whole glass of your prep in one go...i always think the memory MUST be worse than the MAY be better than Fleets, but i am not sure...the vanilla and aspartame are rather an odd addition...

fernpixel said...

Nah... the reality is worse than the memory. That stuff was nasty. Its all a blur now. hahahhaah

Good luck on your procedure. It will be over soon :)

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