Tuesday, June 23, 2009


I got my insurance claim in the mail for my colonoscopy. If I didn't have insurance at the time, I would have owed $8,882.00
I'll throw out some numbers on what some of the charges were if I had no insurance.

In my claim it lists some of these:

Drugs: $297.00 (This is the anesthesia used to keep me asleep during the procedure)
Anesthesia supplies: 1,000.00 (I'm guessing that this is for the IV set up in my arm, oxygen mask, and the needle they used to inject it)
Recovery room: $1000.00 (This is for them putting me in a bed and waiting for me to wake up - ridiculous!)
Facility Charges: $4,500.00 (This is for me hanging out in the hospital in a day - insane!!)

WITHOUT insurance my total for the day would have been $8.882.00
There are other charges in there for laboratory fees and such. But that's a huge burden I'd have to pay if I didn't have insurance.

How much did I really pay? The bills are starting to trickle in, but it is nowhere near the amount above. I'm probably paying close to $200 only. But seriously... I don't understand why some of the costs are so much. Really?! $1,000 for me to sit in a bed?! These people are crazy.

If I didn't have insurance I could easily burn a hold into my savings. I know I'm stubborn about seeing the doctor, but mostly its because I just can't afford it. I have insurance now, but it will run out in December. I need to find a decent job by then, but with this economy I really don't know if that is going to happen.


Unknown said...

That's crazy - I just got the bill for mine with Insurance and I am still going to have to pay about 1,400. I haven't met my deductible for the year yet though.

fernpixel said...

I think I still have more bills coming in the mail. Yuck...

$1,400?! Man... that sucks... I wish that could've been spent on a vacation or something instead.

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