Wednesday, January 6, 2010

No Wednesday

Hi guys, I'm sorry to say that my computer died last week and I won't be able to do anything until I get it back from the repair shop. It isn't very serious, but the place said that they're pretty backed up and won't get to my machine until the end of the week :(

I won't be able to post blogs, videos, twitters, or emails for a while... how sad!

Not to worry though. I'll definitely be back.




Anonymous said...

Hi-just found your website, hooray! very helpful. I was wondering how long have you been on the SCD diet? and did your doctor recomend it? just curious because my doctor doesn't think diet is an issue-(like most) but started the diet a year ago-cheated a bit-now going back to it since it seems soooo much better on it. Just curious----

fernpixel said...

@Jennifer: Hiya! Welcome to my blog :)

I've been on the SCD diet for about 4+ years now. My doctor thinks I'm crazy for doing this because he doesn't think that diet has anything to do with our illness. He's not against it though. The diet was the only thing that showed improvement. Medication helps, but it doesn't maintain inflammation as well as when they are combined for me.

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