Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Life happens sometimes


Olga said...

Hi, My name is Olga,and I live in Costa Rica, sorry I cant write in correct english. I have Ulcerative Colitis too (great thing)... I love your blog... you can describe exactly the thiks happen me.... my life is the same.... See you and hear you is incredible.. give me hope.... a litle hope... I have tryng SCD, I have no more one mount... por now, I cant see my progress, is rare, in one hand I feel better, and another hand I have more gasseeee,I hate Gaseees, you Know..Have you a facebok, I wood like you are my friend... and when you be better, you can visite me in Costa Rica. I love art and I like paint... I am not gut but.. I love it. Please, write me if you have time, my e mail is
Was great find your blog.. please write me...
Kisses, Olga

sirikotoinaspin said...

Ilove this video! I need to figure out how to use imovie :)

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