Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Road to Recovery

(originally written 3 years ago - Jul 22, 2005)

Currently, I am in recovery from a very recent flare-up which I believe to be a near-death experience. How strange to have a life-changing landmark at such a young age! Sometimes I find it unfair… but at least my eyes were opened fairly early in my life rather than too late. Or course, never say never. As the old saying goes, “Its never too late”.

Unfortunately there is no cure for Ulcerative Colitis, so I can only hope to stay in remission for the rest of my life and learn how to manage my life around this obstacle.

How do I plan to do this? Well, there are a few things.

1. I’ve been on a diet called The Specific Carbohydrate Diet for quite some time (SCD for short). This diet is supposedly a natural way to stay in remission through intestinal diet. It is not recognized in the medical community. In fact, its frowned upon by most doctors because they only want to treat this through prescription drugs. But some researchers believe in the diet. And it seems to work for most. Besides, the doctors aren’t the ones agonizing over the next bout of explosive diarrhea. I need to really stick to the diet this time. I will go slow and more importantly… TRY NOT TO CHEAT! Its really not worth another flare-up. Though, sometimes flare-ups are just beyond anyone’s control. Sometimes they just happen.

2. Pills. Don’t forget to take medication and take them ON TIME. The last time I kept forgetting, and then started tapering because I felt fine and I didn’t want to be too much medication. That may have contributed to my DOOM.

3. Learn how to relax! I’ve finally come to terms with myself and I finally know the difference between being stubborn and knowing when to quit. Too bad it took this flare up to open my eyes to this! Sheesh.

4. Research. The more you know, the closer you are to an answer.

5. Exercise. Being in good shape is also a way to manage stress. It also leads to a healthy lifestyle and a rawkin body! Yes!

6. See a nutritionist. I don’t really want to. But I’m open to anything out there. If it doesn’t work out, I’ll stick to the diet unless I find something else.

I’ve tried the herbal remedy voodoo… That didn’t seem to work out at all. I wish it worked for me, because at least I would’ve been able to eat what I want and manage the illness through supplements. Woe is me. In this case, it means I won’t be able to eat regular pizza ever again. I’d have to make it all myself unless someone finds a cure. In the mean time, I will use the SCD diet and cook up my own goodies. My parents are looking into getting me an ice cream maker!

I am always looking for new treatments or new findings on Ulcerative Colitis.

Gambatte Kudasai!


Amelia said...

AS ive mentioned in a comment to you on youtube, there is a man who has supposedly found a cure. When i was on the diet, i wasn't allowed to tell any doctors his name or what I was doing because i guess it was "under the table" but basically, with a few months to a year of this certain diet and a few meds, he's cured a few people, even one with colon cancer.
The thing is (and this is why i stopped the diet at age like 12 or so..) all you are allowed to eat are the following: mungbeans, basmati rice, plain yogurt (best if u make the yogurt yourself) the ocassional onions and bananas. What this is doing is rebuilding the colon. The cultures and bacteria from teh yogurt are helping to rebuild your colon. But yes, it takes a LONG time! The bananas are obviously 4 the potasium and the onions are becuz u get sick of everything else. xD well... that's how i see it anywayz. You are allowed to have very lean meat such as chicken breast. But it must never be fried! Grilled is best. Eating about 1-2 cups of yogurt is always best.
The diet helped me tremendously and it works! The only problem is staying on teh diet... so mebbe ill keep trying!
He's still workign on this remedy, so hopefully soon it will be realesd to teh public.

fernpixel said...

Hey Rory,

Thanks for sharing your story. I'm sure there's a valid science to your diet, but I don't think I would try the "cure" you mentioned without more information on it. It just seems very doubtful to me. Mostly because you are hiding this information from your doctor.

Colitis is unique because it is a different experience for everyone. I'm not sure if your "cure" will work for everyone. I know that the diet I am on is not for everyone either, but it happens to work for me.

By all means, I am not upset and please don't think I am lecturing you. But in my own opinion, it doesn't sound like you are cured. You say you are only 80 lbs and that does not seem healthy to me. I am the same height as you and I weigh 20 lbs more than you. So I can imagine that you must look dangerously thin.

Please keep trying and stay healthy.

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