Thursday, September 24, 2009

The RETRO archives

Hey everyone!

I'm so sorry I didn't post a RETRO archive yesterday. To tell you the truth, I was being a couch potato and didn't even realize it was Wednesday. I was watching a crummy movie too. Anyway, I was looking for a RETRO entry to share tonight and I couldn't find one after December 2005. I have been writing a lot about my Ulcerative Colitis journey since April 2004 and it suddenly stops during the winter of 2005. From what I remember, there was a big change going on in my life.

I am a huge believer in second chances and I always look forward to January because of New Year's resolutions. Its kind of a rebirth for me - a time to start over. I have been so sick and miserable in 2005, that I decided to lighten up and focus on the good things in my life. This happens to me periodically and I ignore the negativity. Which is good, but this also means that a piece of my life is missing because I didn't write it down. I start writing about colitis later on, but its much later.

For anyone who is just tuning into my blog, I have all of my retro blog entries starting from my diagnosis in 2004.
If you'd like to catch up on reading, please click right here. And you'll find all the retro entries on there. I tried my best to put them in chronological order. It starts with the most recent retro entry first, but there might be a few that are mixed up.

I've decided to put the RETRO entries on hold for the time being so I can reorganize my archives and post them on a regular basis again.

So what happens now that the retro entries are on hold? Well, I'll keep you updated on what's going on right now. Hopefully I'll be just as interesting. haha! :)

Also, you guys should check out Arden! She's a fellow Ulcerative Colitis patient who is also on the Specific Carbohydrate Diet. She's a pretty cool chickadee, so check out her blog if you get a chance.

Arden's Blog: Arden Eats


Unknown said...

Hi, I came across you blog while doing some research and everything you're going though is similar to my uncle. He too has Ulcerative Colitis and has been dealing with it for years. His bad flare ups kept him from work for months sometimes and puts him in desperate depression. He tried everything. One doctor told him to try smoking. He used to smoke cigs when he was a young man but that was 30 yrs ago since he quit. I know this sounds nuts but his doctor said the health risks were low considering the colitis effects on his life. Well, he started smoking cigs again, a couple a day.
He hasn't had a flare up in about five years. Again, I know what you're thinking and perhaps you already know about smoking cigs and colitis and dismissed it or advised not too. I am serious, it worked for him. I don't mean to insult you with such a habit but I just thought i'd throw it out there. He was desperate and it worked for him. He's a new man, a new man who smokes marlboro now, but a new man.

fernpixel said...

Hey P, I always appreciate people offering suggestions to help :) Its really great that people can empathize with a total stranger and still offer support.

Although I don't agree with smoking and never will. Not only because of the obvious health risks, but its an expensive habit as well. Its not the first time I've heard that suggestion nor the strangest one. If you can believe that.

I'm continuing with my alternative: diet and exercise.

Thanks though.
p.s. I'm not insulted.

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