Friday, January 30, 2009

false alarm?

Hm... no blood to report this morning *whew*. It must have been something I ate. I've been eating a small handful of nuts everyday for the past two weeks. Now, I don't really like nuts. I never have. But I'll eat them if they're around.

Before I had even had Ulcerative Colitis I preferred everything without nuts - ice cream, cookies, chocolate...

Since I don't really eat nuts, and that's the only thing that I've been doing differently, I'm almost positive that it caused the bleeding. I don't think I'll get a flare up. I'm far into the diet where I'm allowed to eat nuts. I might have overdid it and should take it easy on the nuts. I don't like them anyway. Its no big loss.


Anonymous said...

Don't worry! This may sound weird, but my husband doesn't have crohn's or colitis and when he over does it on a certain food, it makes him bleed a little too. It's only happened like twice in three years, but still. If it only happened once, I wouldn't worry too much since you've been doing so well. I agree, it might be a good idea to eliminate the nuts if you think thats the cause. Later!

soL said...

i'm glad to hear that it may have just been a false alarm.

take good care of yourself.

Naomi Devlin said...

Whole nuts are always tough to digest. I still get bellyache if I eat too many - especially raw nuts with husks on. I still can't even contemplate pistachios!

I read on a website called the nourishing gourmet that if you soak nuts overnight in lightly salted water and then dehydrate them again, in a very low oven, or using a dehydrator, that they are supposed to be much more digestible. This is because nuts contain enzyme inhibitors that can cause a flare up in sensitive people.

I notice that I do much better with blanched nuts and roasted nut butters, this is probably because the enzymes have been partially deactivated by the processing.

I'd go back to nut flour and nut butter if I were you - if you don't like nuts that much it shouldn't be too much of a trial!

x x x

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