Monday, September 15, 2008

ahh! I can't sleep!!

Hey guys... I can't seem to get back to sleep, so I figured I'll post something. Anyway, I still do check YT... I just feel terrible that I've been really bad about replying messages. I answer what I can, but ahh, I think I might've missed some messages.

Anyway, I've been itching to make new videos, but I still can't because I had to extend the deadline on my second job. blah... I know excuses/excuses.

I guess I could at least let you guys know what I plan on making videos about. This is so I won't forget, and this is also your chance to send me requests. I'll get to them as soon as my second job is OVER!!! ahhh!

So anyway, this is what I have planned:

SCD yogurt using commercial starter
Mediterranean inspired grilled veggies
• 3 part series explaining the different kinds of surgery for colitis
• Exploring the dynamics of how colitis effects relationships

I think those are pretty good topics. I'm also on the fence about whether or not to make a Fernpixel FAQ... because I do get a lot of the same questions. I don't really mind... but the one thing I seriously do get annoyed with is when people ask me about my medication. I mean, I list the kind of medication on the side, I mention it on the video, I show the name and the kind of pills in the video. And I show that I'm swallowing the pills!!! What more can I possibly tell you about my medication if its all there? ahhhh!!!

uh... ignore that freak out moment lol. Ok, so if there are any requests. Please comment or leave me a message on YouTube.

Thanks :)


Razornyc said...

Hi, fernpixel, I am back - I have had UC for about 3 years now. It all started from antibiotics - C-Diff and wa la UC. Almost died from the C- diff attack, AWFUL!!! I am on the SCD diet as well - started 3 weeks ago and feel it is making me feel much better. I am tweaking down on Pred and that is all for now. I know this sounds bad but smoking a couple cigs a day seems to help me as well. If you do a search on smoking and colitis you will find that oddly it seems to help? It does... The diet is a little difficult to stick to. It is a Nightmare trying to go out to eat sometimes. I am going to attempt the yogurt myself. Do you frequent ?

Hope you are feeling ok "Today"


I will write more -

Anonymous said...

Please please please please please please please please please

talk about colitis and MENSTRUATION. I don't know about you, but my periods feel so much worse with the added effects of colitis, and I don't know if other girls have that problem. I not only have cramps in my ovaries, but I have them in my lower back, down my legs, cold sweats, really uncomfortable diarreah/constipation, gas, etc, and usually the medicines for cramping like pain killers and whatnot, make my stomach unhappy,

so please talk about that if you have anything to share.


Colitis and relationships is HUGE. Dating whilst having the non-sexiest ailment ever, hell--hooking up, having sex, or even messing around with stomach issues is so ...just not good, and going on tropical vacations or trips or travelling in general , something romantic, whilst having colitis , and spending more time in the bathroom than on the beach is difficult..

i mean there is just so much you can cover there that is so dire , especially for women, because guys are a lot less nice about this sort of thing.

i mean i don't even know how to explain my situation to a guy in a way where he can respect me still, still be attracted to me, still want to be with me, or not be intimidated by having to handle a girfriend with it, and etc.

It can be so damaging when you want to be attractive and cared for.

PLEASE talk about it!!!! I can't say please enough.

Amelia said...

i know a doctor who said some people don't even get their periods because of their ulcerative colitis

scdsafe said...

to: yas2be
I'm 29 years old and I have had constipation for all my life... and colitis/hemorroids for 2 1/2years now. I started Elaine's SCD Diet(reading the book is a must) 3 months ago and my periods are less paninful every time, less inflamation. My boyfriend notes my tummy is shrinking and I really feel better. Now I can be sit at work whitout pain. My skin is great, my nails are strong, I think all my body is getting better! :D

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