Thursday, September 11, 2008

RETRO 10.24.2004

Ahh! I keep falling behind! So busy busy busy.... I'm trying my best to keep up with this thing.

(originally posted October 24, 2004)

I realized that my air is thick and healthy once again. Three months ago I had to cut it very short because the side effects of my previous medicine, Asacol, was making it fall out and go thin. I am on a different brand (Colazal) at higher doses. I'm afraid that it will happen again. I was really hoping to have long hair again too.

A milestone happened tonight. For the first time in over a month, I had some firm S!! I've been suffering bloody D all month. My S is nothing close to normal, but its looking like progress.

My parents are very concerned with my health. I am thankful for their efforts in supporting me, but I also know that they are scared. I wonder if they think I'm dying?

I have a very high tolerance for pain, but this kind is so constant, it bears down on me so hard. I don't know if my body can continue. I'm so scared that I might not even wake up the next morning.


Razornyc said...

Hi, My name is Tim I am In NYC. I have been following some of your YT vids and just now some of this blog. I have UC as well, I think it is great that you are documenting your "struggle" and I'm sure it gives some strength to a lot of people.

I will write more later I'm up quite late 4 am here going to sleep now.

Glad your feeling "somewhat" better, I can relate...

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