Wednesday, September 24, 2008

RETRO 10.28.2004

Sorry guys... I'm still being lame because I have like no time... but at least I'm being good about the retro entries right? hahaahhaahha... I'll be back. I promise.


RETRO 10.28.04
I drink peppermint tea because its supposedly supposed to aid in digestion as some natural herbal remedy. I don't particularly like it. It tastes like stale ater with a hint of toothpaste. Its disgusting when its warm. But I will try anything to make me better.

I'm home from work again. I can't believe that my disability is acute diarrhea. Its kind of amusing if you think about it... but it still sucks.

My weight is slowly creeping back. I am at 110 lbs today. I'm secretly liking my new slimmer self. But all that weight was probably water loss only.

I snuck out of the house this moring to do errands. Its the first time I've been out of the house by myself in two weeks I think. I went to the grocery store. There was an incompetent woman at the register that wanted to give me seventeen singles in change because her supervisor wasn't there. She kept me waiting fifteen minutes. Its very annoying especially when a diarrhea episode could happen any minute.

But I also did a good deed today. Unfortunately my hamster passed away recently. I went to the pet shop to donate the leftover food for them to use in their store. Nothing was wasted.


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