Friday, September 19, 2008

home on a friday night...

I'm so tired... Been working so hard and not taking care of myself. I have a sore throat :(
I really need to get more sleep.

Sleep is another issue... I would lay in bed and be awake for more than an hour. Then finally I fall asleep but wake up in two hours... Its awful. I found out what's causing this. I was taking cold medicine and I think one of the ingredients was keeping me awake. It happened the two nights that I took the medicine and I'm not going to try it again.

Tonight I'm going a little more natural. I'm going to gargle with salt and warm water for my sore throat. And use some lavender scented lotion to help me fall asleep.

augh... i'm so late on my deadline... soon this over-working nightmare will end... Ahh! But you know what? If the opportunity ever came again... I'd probably do the same thing that I'm doing now. Its really stupid at the cost of my health... but I'll explain why in a future video... If I ever get around to it. This second job seems endless. But anyway, there's a really good reason for this madness. It needs to be kept a secret though. Sorry. I'll eventually tell you though. Oh! The suspense! What is Fernpixel plotting?!! Bwahahahaha!


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