Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Retro fernpixel tomorrow... but for now a tip

Hey everyone!! I'm still doing ok. I'm still managing two jobs... argh... I'm too sleepy to pull out one of my colitis journals and type them on here. I do have a memory to share.

In my last "retro fernpixel" entry I mentioned that during a flare-up I didn't leave the house in more than a week. There was another time when I was confined to a bed for three weeks because I lost so much weight that I couldn't support myself to stand up and walk. I can tell you that my mental state at the time didn't feel right. Along with all the prednisone, insomnia, and starvation came paranoia. I think I started worrying everyone. My mom thought it would be good to get some fresh air so we went out and got some groceries and she also bought me a Betta fish!!

I'm not sure if any of you saw that Tom Hanks movie. You know, the one where he gets shipwrecked and he had his friend "Wilson". I felt almost the same as his character. I was alone a lot while my family was at work. I kept the TV on all the time just so it wouldn't be so quiet.

If you're feeling a little weird because you've been sick too long, I would highly recommend venting out your feelings in a journal. Or, if that doesn't suit your needs, take the responsibility over something alive, like a plant or a small pet. It makes a world of difference just to have something moving around to change up your routine. A dog or cat would be better... but my housing situation doesn't allow me to have any :(

I picked a fish because it was the easiest to care for in a small 1 gallon bowl. I would've loved to have a hamster, but I knew I wouldn't be able to lift the 20 gallon aquarium when it came time to cleaning the cage.

My fish kept me company for almost a year during my worst times. But then he fish passed away a few years ago when the weather started getting cold. I was a little devastated... ahh, I have fond memories of that little fish.

So pets and plants are a-ok!! Just make sure you can be a responsible owner too.

hm... I kinda miss having a fish around... I might get one when my second job is over.


Unknown said...

German Shepard are good :)

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